Biola University Partners With Institute for Christian Financial Health

As part of Biola Financial Planning Association’s peer-to-peer financial coaching program, financial planning students can now earn the Certified Christian Financial Counselor (CERTCFC) designation at the end of the program. This is the result of a new partnership between Biola University and the Institute for Christian Financial Health. The CERTCFC designation is for those who desire to counsel or coach in finance through a biblical worldview.


“Because of this partnership, financial planning students not only have the opportunity to gain experience in financial coaching while at school, but they can also graduate as a Certified Christian Financial Counselor,” said Dr. Shane Enete, Associate Professor of Finance at Biola and program director. “The experience and designation will uniquely set students up to serve others well in the area of finances, whether they remain a financial counselor or go on to become a Certified Financial Planner (CFP).”


Biola University’s peer-to-peer financial coaching program allows students to meet with trained financial planning students and to be coached on topics like budgeting, taxes, student loans, credit cards, and other important topics to help peers better understand money and become financially responsible. Currently, there are only a handful of programs like it across the nation.


I could not be more excited to partner with Biola University,” said Dr. Art Rainer, Director of the Institute for Christian Financial Health. Their peer-to-peer financial coaching program sets Biola’s finance department apart from other institutions’ finance departments. I look forward to watching Biola students grow in their understanding of God’s design for money and learning practical ways to serve others in personal finances.”


Starting this August, student financial coaches will be simultaneously enrolled in the CERTCFC program. Program competencies include understanding what the Bible says about money, understanding the client, gathering data, setting goals, managing money, reducing debt, educating clients on a variety of financial topics, and several other competencies. Students must pass the CERTCFC examination to receive the designation.


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