Become a Certified Christian Financial Counselor.

Are you passionate about helping others obtain financial health and doing it through a biblical worldview?

A CERTCFC® provide financial guidance that aligns with Scripture.

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What is a Christian Financial Counselor?

Christian Financial Counselors help individuals and couples discover and pursue God’s design for money. Practically, Christians financial counselors guide individuals and couples in making wise financial decisions, build sound financial habits, and increase their biblical, financial literacy.


The CERTCFC® program is for you if...

  • You are passionate about what the Bible says about money.
  • You love helping people with their personal finances.
  • You want to start your own financial counseling practice or serve in your church.
  • You desire a trustworthy  designation.

 What does the CERTCFC® program include?

TheCERTCFC® program prepares you to take theCERTCFC® examination. Here's what you will receive:

  • 32 go-at-your-own-pace modules, covering the essentials in personal finances and what Scripture says about money.
  • 32 practice quizzes.
  • 30+ resources to help you with your future financial counseling.
  • The CERTCFC® examination. Certification is contingent on passing the exam.
  • Access to the 11-module CERTCFC® Launch Program.

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Program Modules

Module 1: Biblical Foundations of Money

Module 2: Stages of Counseling

Module 3:  Listening and Goal-setting

Module 4: Understanding the Client

Module 5: Marriage and Money

Module 6: Biblical Generosity

Module 7: Net Worth Statement

Module 8: Cash Flow Statement

Module 9: Important Financial Ratios

Module 10: Budgeting

Module 11: Income

Module 12: Biblical Savings

Module 13: Cash Accounts

Module 14: Credit Reports

Module 15: Credit Cards

Module 16: Automobile Loan and Leases

Module 17: Student Loans

Module 18: Mortgages

Module 19: Other Types of Debt

Module 20: Evaluating Indebtedness

Module 21: Renting

Module 22: Buying a House

Module 23: Selling a House

Module 24: Identity Theft

Module 25: Investment Basics

Module 26: Retirement Account Basics

Module 27: Saving for College

Module 28: Insurance Needs

Module 29: Life Insurance

Module 30: Legacy Planning

Module 31: Income Tax Returns

Module 32: Ministerial Finances

Module 33: Path to Certification

PLUS...You get access to the CERTCFC® Launch Program for no additional cost!

This program is accessible to those who have passed the CERTCFC® examination.

Launch Module 1: What is Your Story?

Launch Module 2: Overcoming Mindset Obstacles

Launch Module 3: Identifying Your Counseling Style and Niche

Launch Module 4: Setting Up Your Counseling Practice

Launch Module 5: How to Structure Your Pricing

Launch Module 6: Tools Needed (and Not Needed) to Start Your Business

Launch Module 7: How to Create Clients

Launch Module 8: Networking in a Christ-Centered Way

Launch Module 9: How to Create a Powerful Counseling Experience

Launch Module 10: Making the Proposal and Onboarding New Clients

Launch Module 11: Questions About Financial Counseling

Certified Christian Financial Counselor Program (including CERTCFC® Launch) 

Program Fee


*Program books are required for this program. The estimated cost for these books is $250. See the FAQ below for more details.

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