Should Christians Give to the Homeless Man on the Street Corner?

Money and Ethics

with Dr. David W. Jones and Dr. Art Rainer, CERTCFC®


Have you ever run across a ethical question about money you could not answer?

We all have. Using a Q&A format, this program covers some of the most common, yet challenging, ethical questions relating to money. With 8 modules and over 2.5 hours of content, this is perfect for a small group study. The program also counts toward CERTCFC® continuing education credit (must be completed individually).


Program Modules

Module 1: Should Christians Give to the Homeless Man on the Street Corner?

Module 2: Is It Okay for Christians to be Rich?

Module 3: Is Debt a Sin?

Module 4: Is It Wrong for Christians to Play the Lottery?

Module 5: Is It Wrong for Christian Businesspeople to Make a Profit?

Module 6: Can Christians Skip Taxes if They Disagree With Their Future Use?

Module 7: Is Retirement Biblical?

Module 8: Should a Christian Leave an Inheritance for Their Wayward Child?


For those using this program for CERTCFC® continuing education, there is a required reading component. Health, Wealth, and Happiness: How the Prosperity Gospel Overshadows the Gospel of Christ by Dr. David W. Jones must be purchased separately.

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*Program books are required for CERTCFC® continuing education. This expense is not included in the program fee.

Dr. David W. Jones

Dr. David Jones is a financial ethicist and serves as professor of Christian ethics at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina. He is the author of several books and articles over a wide range of moral and theological issues. His literary works have been translated into numerous foreign languages. Dr. Jones is a moral consultant as well as a regular speaker at colleges, seminaries, academic conferences, professional society meetings, churches, camps, radio shows, and other ministry-related events. Dr. Jones also serves as a theological reviewer of manuscripts for several major Christian publishers, and holds memberships in many theological and ethical organizations.

Dr. Art Rainer, CERTCFC®

Dr. Art Rainer is the Director of the Institute for Christian Financial Health. He holds a Doctor of Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University and an MBA from the University of Kentucky. He writes and speaks extensively on the topic of Christian financial health. Dr. Rainer is the founder of Christian Money Solutions, author of The Money Challenge and host of the More Than Money podcast.